Clear, concise and effective communication

Sharing ideas and information that connects with your audience

People Focused

Mara’s difference is our approach to what we do. We pride ourselves on our capability to connect you with your stakeholders, build credibility and protect reputations. With a clear understanding of your project’s or organisation’s objectives, we build integrated strategies for your business to consult respectfully, engage effectively and communicate clearly. Whether through tailored stakeholder engagement, government relations or media management, Mara has the ability to tailor our approach to your project.

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Consultation and engagement

Working in collaboration with your project team, we develop integrated strategies that align with your corporate or project objectives. We help you connect with stakeholders and not just the obvious ones. Our strength is getting to know you and your stakeholders to build trusted relationships and develop two-way conversations that get results.

Media and Communications

In a fast paced and ever-changing media and communication landscape, our team of specialists provide tailored strategies to meet your communication needs.  By using a range of traditional and emerging communication tools, we make sure you can communicate effectively.

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Journalists and photographers at press conference

Crisis and Issues Management

At Mara we thrive on excitement but know the benefit of having a plan in place that identifies the risks and the ways to manage contentious issues before things go wrong. Proactive issues management guided by our team of professionals will enable you to control engagement and communication activities with the goal of avoiding a crisis.

Mara have acted as our ‘firewall’ through our engagement and have proven themselves to be exceptionally talented at managing issues and complaints from the community and other stakeholders.”

Lindsay Dynan Engineers

Expert advice and engagement from Mara Consulting

Government Relations

Navigating through the political landscape requires guidance to protect and promote your cause or project. Mara’s team of public affairs specialists have worked at all levels of government, on the inside as political and media advisors, to working as lobbyists and specialists within local government. Our experience will get you results.

Workshops and Facilitation

A workshop is a great way to bring people together to plan, solve problems, manage issues and forge collaborative partnerships. A Mara workshop will build understanding, cut through long standing challenges, enable innovation, create a cohesive team and enable action. Bringing diverse communities and stakeholders together is our specialty resulting in respectful, fun and productive workshops that have clear and well documented outcomes.

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