Crisis and Issues Management

A reputation takes years to build but only moments to destroy

Mara are experts in crisis communication and issues management to help manage challenges to protect an organisation's reputation and public image

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Crisis communication and issues management

A crisis definitely gets the blood pumping and sometimes it can be exciting. But nothing beats having a plan in place if and when things go wrong.

Mara consultants are her for you during a crisis with proven expertise, a strategic approach and an effective communication plan.

Proactive issues management not only helps protect an organisation's reputation and public image, it reduces the risk of a crisis. Mara helps manage the issues, or if things do go wrong, we effectively communicate and respond in a crisis.

Mara’s team can also act as your corporate spokesperson, particularly through a crisis or provide you and your team with the right training and skills to communicate effectively under pressure.


Mara have acted as our ‘firewall’ through our engagement and have proven themselves to be exceptionally talented at managing issues and complaints from the community and other stakeholders. Their prompt actions, along with accurate and respectful communications have assisted greatly in ensuring any issues do not multiply or magnify.

The team at Mara are experts at managing and planning for risks and contentious issues well in advance. They are prepared when things go wrong"

Dr John Mullard, Lindsay Dynan


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Kelly Lofberg

Kelly Lofberg

Communication & Engagement Specialist

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Mara projects and clients

  • NCIG – Crisis communication, issues management and strategic advice
  • Rio Tinto - Crisis communication and issues management
  • Lindsay Dynan - Issues management and strategic advice
  • Montem Resources, Canada - Issues management and strategic advice.

For help, contact Mara's crisis communication specialist, Kelly Lofberg call 02 49654317.

Mara Services:

  • Issue identification and management plan
  • Crisis communication strategy and training
  • Crisis communication response
  • Media training for company spokesperson
  • Working in contentious and issues rich environments