Queens Wharf, Morpeth

Improving river access

The Hunter River improvement project at Queens Wharf, Morpeth includes new community and boating infrastructure to be built at the popular regional destination

Queens Wharf, Morpeth
Maitland City Council
Local government
Community consultation , master planning and development of plan of management

Mara was engaged by Maitland City Council to develop a Plan of Management and Master plan for the historically significant site and regional boat ramp at Morpeth.

Key to the vision was to seek community input into the design as well as identify ways of improving motorised and non-motorised access points into the Hunter River, accommodate a range of water sports, boating and fishing as well as acknowledge the rich history of the site. The project also required designs for car parking, park facilities and picnic areas.

The challenge was to design new and upgraded recreational facilities in a location that was prone to flooding, had to accommodate a range of diverse stakeholder needs and reflect the heritage value of the site. Mara Consulting facilitated workshops to gain stakeholder support into the design process as well as identify their needs and priorities for the site. A design solution was then created that incorporated existing facilities, community needs and the site heritage into the master plan.

Mara were extremely effective in engaging with stakeholders throughout the consultation process to ensure key issues were identified early on and ideas were generated with our community. They maintained a professional attitude at all times and were skilful in negotiation and conflict resolution in what was at time a challenging environment.

Amanda McMahon, (formerly) Acting Coordination Recreation Planning, Maitland City Council

Hunter River, Morpeth


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