It's the team that makes us who we are

Bold - Different - Playful


Mara Consulting team photo

About Mara

Mara Consulting is a leading provider of consultation and urban design services.

We have a focus on specialist support to local government, infrastructure, aged-care, health, development and resource sectors.

We provide creative solutions that get the most out of projects. Consultation and urban design working together to create vibrant communities.  Our team has extensive experience across disciplines and together bring a unique insight into large and complex projects.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We know that together we can achieve more. Fresh thinking and evidence-based solutions for better outcomes.




We look out for each other, work safely, go home safe and encourage responsibility.


We support and learn from each other's efforts to achieve client, company and personal goals.  Together we can achieve more.


We listen and acknowledge different points of view, feelings and rights of others.


We have strong principles, we are honest and accountable for our actions.


We seize opportunities, persevere even when things get tough, we are tenacious and strive to continuously improve.

We support

Since 2014 we have been giving back to amazing projects and charities doing awesome work in our community. We are all about supporting vibrant communities, social change and well, just being good humans!

Giving back - Mustard Seed Project Kenya

Mustard Seed Project, Kenya

All funds go directly to the Mgongeni community, an urban slum area of Mombasa, Kenya.  We're helping to build a school, provide an education and food to the vulnerable.


Mara supports Hope 4 Cure


Hope 4 Cure, Supporting Hunter women

This is a Hunter charity, raising awareness, fundraising and supporting Hunter women suffering from ovarian and Gynaecological cancers.

Mara is a founding partner and contributor.

Samaritans Christmas Giving Tree

Samaritans, Giving Tree

In the lead up to Christmas, the Mara team collects gifts for those needing extra help.

Samaritans, Christmas Lunches

A wonderful and joyous event!  Mara provides in-kind support and has volunteered at the event.

Mara story

The Mara story is a simple one. It all began on 14 February 2014, when founder Kelly Lofberg took the jump to start a business after being made redundant from the mining sector.   Quality consultation, engagement, communication and government relations was the focus.

In February 2015,  Mara added landscape architect, urban design and environmental planning to the suite of services.  Consultation and design working together to create vibrant communities.

Mara is drawn from Kelly and Tadd's personal connection to Kenya and the plains of the Masai Mara.

Mara's original logo was based on a set of cairns or stacked stones which are used as trail or directional markers. They are little beacons scattered across the landscape guiding people to their destination.

In early 2019, Mara re-branded.  The brand moved away from a very personal story to something more bold and playful.  The new brand  reflects the team and people re-energised approach of the business.


Giving back - We give to several charities, Mustard Seed Project, Kenya. It is a charity working in Mgongeni, an urban slum area of Mombasa, Kenya. The photo (R) is from a trip to the school. Here Kel is learning to count in Swahili.