Perfect time for tree safety audits and inspections

Tree safety audits

While everyone is in lockdown and there are restrictions on movements in public spaces, it is a great time to complete tree safety audits when fewer people are around.

Importance of tree safety audits

A tree safety audit is a systematic assessment of your tree assets to determine the risk associated with the trees. Ultimately it is to make sure that people using your site, are safe and not at risk from falling tree branches.

Managing trees in public spaces is a key part of asset and risk management and is typically done by schools, golf courses, universities, hospitals, councils in parks and playgrounds and anywhere there are a large number of people and trees.

As a result, understanding your responsibility and demonstrating sound management of sites is important part of the managing trees effectively.

Aboriculture - Tree Assessment

How to manage trees in public spaces

  1. Manage your duty of care - When people are using your site or public space, and there are trees on site, the owner has a duty of care to ensure visitors and employees are safe.  This means, leaving this responsibility to an unqualified grounds person or site manager may not be an appropriate way to manage risk.

    Our qualified consulting arborists have expert skills and knowledge to help you plan and manage your public spaces.  And they do this through a tree safety audit to help you manage and understand any risks and the health of your trees.

  2. Be prepared – If something goes wrong or there is a tree related incident, demonstrating a systematic approach to tree health and risk management is key.  As a result, performing regular tree safety audits will provide you with recommendations and reports to help manage risks and identify any problems with tress. 

    Additionally, a program of regular audits over time will help to build a recorded history of the site. It will also help to inform maintenance and spending decisions on your valuable community assets.

  3. Understand the value of mapping trees - It’s all about managing risk, creating a safe environment for your employees and visitors. If something does go wrong, you’ll be able to show the organisation met its health and safety obligations.

A regular program of inspections will identify a system for reinspection based on a risk rating. It will also give you control of the costs, with recommended works planned and reported on.  It will provide you with a better history of the trees on your site, including when it was or will be inspected.

Consulting arborists – expert advice

Our consulting arborist is available to assess and complete the tree safety audit.  All our reports are written in accordance with Australian Standards and prepared by an AQF Level 5 arborist.

Packages to suit

At Mara, we collaborate with our clients to provide expert advice.  Our onsite inspections include:

  • Conduct tree safety audit on a site for up to 20 trees
  • Travel within the Hunter, Central Coast and MidCoast council areas is included
  • Detailed written report with tree management recommendations
  • Fee for tree safety audit $4,500.00 (ex GST).

Need more than one site inspected or price for fewer trees, contact Mara for a customised quote.


Shaun King

Shaun King
Shaun King

Landscape Designer & Consulting Arborist

02 49654317

Mara Services:

  • Tree risk assessments
  • Annual safety audits
  • Arboriculture impact assessments and statements
  • Compliance, monitoring and supervision
  • Tree surveys and management plans
  • Development applications and tree protection plans
  • Nursery stock inspections to NATSPEC/AS2303
  • Expert witness reports
  • Protection of trees on development sites
  • Urban forest strategies.

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Welcome to 2020!

It’s a new decade and the team at Mara is back! We’re pumped and ready to take on 2020.  We’re looking forward to creating vibrant communities and projects together.

It’s been a tough start to the year for many affected by horrendous bushfires. The outpouring of community support shows the strength of our humanity at a time when people need help the most. Selfless acts of kindness are seen everywhere. But there is still more to do.

#TeamMara is back!
Our drone operator Tadd

New services – aerial photography and drone photography and video

Adding a bit of flair to our visual impact and design services, Mara now offers a range of aerial photography and video services to support our projects.

Drones are great for giving a different perspective to a project, whether it’s to help communicate a complex message through images or to create a fly-through of what a project will look like.

Our urban design guru, landscape architect and environmental planner can now also boast that he’s a pilot! (We’re not quite sure how that is all going to fit on his business card).

  • Aerial photography, video filming services
  • 2D and 3D aerial photography mapping survey
  • Inspections of construction sites, mines, roofs and hard to reach areas
  • Traffic counts and footage for transport studies
  • Urban tree canopy and aerial tree imagery
  • Images for renders and urban design projects.

To find out more, contact Mara on 02 49654317 or email for more information.

Do you have 2020 vision? Maybe a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is what you need.

Here at Mara, we’re all about doing things differently. Bold, Different, Playful!

LEGO ticks that box.

The new year is a great time to plan the year ahead and bring some different thinking to your workplace. A  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is great for business strategy, encouraging innovation at work, planning, team communication and engagement.

A facilitated workshop will help you to:

  • Develop strategic goals and objectives
  • Create a corporate mission, vision and values
  • Get input when leaders don't have all the answers
  • Identify ways to lead not follow
  • Build teamwork and collaboration
  • Encourage different, creative and innovative thinking
  • Break bad thinking habits - "We've always done it this way..."
  • Encourage better communication with your team.

The LEGO Serious Play method helps you think more creatively and tackle challenges or situation in a new and fun way.

Book your workshop today – call 02 49654317. Or visit the Mara office for a great coffee and a LEGO sampler!

International Year of Plant Health

Did you know it’s international year of plant health?

Here’s to all the awesome landscape architects, urban designers, arborists and horticulturalists in our team. They are tree-mendous.