Urban Design and Planning

Urban design to create vibrant community spaces

Designing places that people want to work, live, play and visit

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Great urban design creates vibrant communities, strong economies & sustainable environments

Taking into consideration human habitation and the surrounding environment underpins Mara’s approach to urban design and planning.

Our team of urban designers create environments that allow communities to thrive.  Working with our clients, we design spaces that enhance the way people interact with each other and the environment around them.  This approach allows us to integrate hard and soft infrastructure effectively with the spaces where we work, live and play.


Collaboration - it's a team to create change

Mara’s urban designs stand out from the rest. Not only do we use multiple disciplines including landscape architecture, urban planning, environmental planning and architecture in our projects, our designs are supported by effective stakeholder consultation and communication.

Using our detailed knowledge of the legislation, regulations and local government planning requirements, our team effectively enhances your project.

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Contact Tadd

Tadd Andersen

Tadd Andersen

Urban Designer, Lead Landscape Architect, Environmental Planner

02 49654317


Shaun King

Shaun King
Shaun King

Landscape Designer & Consulting Arborist

02 49654317


Recent projects:

  • Upper Hunter Shire Council, White Park Equestrian Facility Scone - Master plan
  • Oaktree Group - Aged Care Facility Master plan
  • Maitland City Council, Lorn Riverbank - Master plan and Plan of Management
  • Upper Hunter Shire Council, CBD Revitalisation Scone - Detailed design
  • Maitland City Council, Queens Wharf, Morpeth - Master plan and Plan of Management. Note: The first stage of the Master plan was built in October 2020, visit the Maitland City Council website to find out more about the Queens Wharf upgrade.

Mara Services:

  • Precinct plans
  • Master plans
  • Development applications
  • Parks and reserve plans
  • Place making and activation
  • Public domain plans
  • Plans of management.